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Think Like a Futurist Breakfast – Understand the Trends and Forces Shaping the World

A future-focused toolkit to understand trends and strategy.

We define a futurist as someone who intentionally builds the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change. We unpack this definition by looking at 7 key skill areas.

The last two decades have been a preparation for what we’re about to experience in the 2020s. We have now developed the key building blocks for deep change, including; cell phones and digital communication networks, the Internet (and now the Internet of Things), robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, quantum computing, augmented reality, the block chain, regenerative medical options, and many other disruptive technologies and mega forces. All of these have also fueled deep structural changes in politics, economics, and society itself. Every aspect of our world is currently in flux.

Now, we look ahead to the 2020s and a decade that will see us using these building blocks to deliver real and tangible improvements to the world we live in, each of which will bring significant change to our lives as the digital era begins to mature. In a world so dominated by disruptive forces, exponential change, and unprecedented uncertainty, our organisations need eyes and ears everywhere, to ensure we are not taken by surprise or left behind. The ability to think like a futurist, therefore, needs to be distributed as widely as possible throughout our organisations. This requires each of us to develop at least seven new skills which we will unpack on the day. 


Graeme Codrington, futurist, board advisor, author, and speaker. An expert on the future world of work and disruptive change who has spoken in more than 25 countries and addresses over 100, 000 people every year. 

Areas of expertise:

Graeme’s background and experience are rich and varied, from articles at KPMG to an IT startup, and from work in the non-profit sector to professional speaking, and has seen many different ways to succeed – and fail – in this changing world we live in. In addition to practical experience, he has spent many hours in research, with five degrees and four best-selling books to show for it.

He is particularly interested in disruptive change and how leaders can confidently guide their organisations into an uncertain future. His delivery style as a presenter can be described as a conversational style, laced with a gently rebuking humour and liberally sprinkled with multimedia and inspiring stories that make the messages stick. In addition, it is very important to him to think beyond the platform, and he works hard with clients to find ways to ensure value is taken back to the office and makes a real impact on business outcomes.

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