Managing Growth in an Uncertain Economy

​Learn how to successfully implement a novel approach to strategy.

Would you like to make your business immune to economic and other constraints imposed by the environment? In this masterclass you will get an understanding of building sustainable organisations that can synchronously exploit what they are currently good at and develop new revenue streams with significant upsides in new and undiscovered markets.

Most organisations find it very difficult to develop the capability to exploit and explore. It took Microsoft 40 years to develop a significant new revenue stream with decent margins through cloud computing in a high growth market, with their traditional business in a long-term decline. Google is still struggling to capitalise on leveraging new markets in-spite of investing billions in the process.

There is little pragmatic advice available for the practicing CEO. The cacophony created by populist words 'disruption', 'agility' and 'lean start-up' provide little clarity. Often they obfuscate the real challenge by circumventing the core paradoxes faced by most organisations in developing the capability to exploit and explore. Developing this capability requires a deep dive into the inner workings of organisations and their routines, and creating a culture wherein both can thrive. It requires serious leadership commitment and understanding.  

The masterclass provides a pragmatic approach to overcome the strategic and organisational paradoxes based on the real workings of a South African company straight from the CEO who made it happen in uncertain times.

Strategic topics covered:

  1. Strategic choice and environmental determinism
  2. Strategy as an act of discovery and or creation
  3. Co-ordination as the central strategic role of CEO in strategy
  4. Mechanisms available for coordinating 'exploit and explore'
  5. The role of participation in coordinating strategy and overcoming the paradoxes inherent in 'exploit and explore'
  6. The journey of a South African company in overcoming the paradoxes
  7. New concepts and the novel approach that you may apply to your organisation

What you will learn:

You will leave this class with an understanding of how to overcome the risks and constraints imposed by the uncertainty in the economy and paradoxes inherent in 'exploit and explore'.

Who should attend:

CEOs, C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs.


Dr. Raj Raina: A strategist and a celebrated faculty who helps companies transform into high growth organisations; and

Dr. Philip Maxton: CEO of New Concept Mining who turned the company into a highly effective company.

Additional Info:

Breakfast and Registration: 08:00

Starts: 08:30

Ends: 16:00

Group discount of 20% for bookings of 5 and over.

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