GIBS Strate Fintech Disruption 2018

A whirlwind of investment is swirling around fintech startups in South Africa, as innovation in banking and payment methods changes the rules of the financial game.

A new story, laced with cliffhangers, drama and intrigue, is being written across the pages of the world's financial newspapers.  

The story begins with the well-worn premise of how technology is changing the world of financial services. But it quickly hurtles into the heady world of start-ups that are rewriting the rules of this nascent industry called fintech. It then charges across the balance sheets of venture capital firms transfixed by unprecedented opportunity to return untold multiples on investments. (words Arthur Goldstuck, Acumen Magazine)


-How Fintech is changing the world of financial services and start-ups are rewriting the rules

-Cryptocurrencies and their impact on the financial sector

-Investment landscape and funding models in South Africa

-Impact of fintech on alternative lending models

-The customer banking experience


-Artificial Intelligence and big data

-Fintech success stories  

 Speakers to be confirmed

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