Future of banking, finance and services - Applied strategic foresight for strategic management

Learn how to apply strategic foresight for strategic management in a complex and uncertain business environment.

What is the future of your industry? How are you managing the external changes and disruption in relation to your internal capabilities and capacity? How can you apply strategic foresight into strategic management?

Agenda for this half-day masterclass:

The session will be interactive and practical, with key insights about the future of industry.

  • The future of business: Disruption, change and new business models;
  • Key trends shaping the industry; and
  • Strategies to navigate the new normal.

The Masterclass in Applied Strategic Foresight will have a dual focus.

The first will be to introduce delegates to a toolbox of strategic foresight methods that are used to anticipate changes on a industry, business or country-level in order to craft strategy that is resilient for the future. 

Secondly, the masterclass will look at specific trends and technologies that will disrupt the banking, finance and services sectors in the coming years.

Executives or consultants working in the strategic management space need both the technical methodological skill to create foresight within their organisations, as well as the contextual awareness to anticipate major disruptive change. 

This masterclass will embed a strategic foresight competence within a review of changing conditions precisely to create a rich learning setting about approaches to navigating future change. 

The initial structure of the programme will be: 

  • Introduction to strategic foresight

  • Trends, counter-trends and anticipating change

  • Industries in metamorphosis

  • Applying foresight in business models

Benefits and reasons to attend this half-day masterclass:

  • Learn about the shifting "rules of the game" for doing business in the sector;
  • Learn how to use strategic foresight to anticipate new opportunities and threats; and 
  • Gain strategic insight into the future competitive landscape in the sector and how to win. 

Who should attend?

  • CEOs
  • MDs
  • GMs
  • Functional heads
  • Divisional heads 
  • Senior managers
  • Business consultants
  • Strategy executives, head of strategy, head of new markets 
  • Head of business development 
  • Head of innovation 
  • Planning teams 

Masterclass facilitator:

Marius Oosthuizen, GIBS

Marius is a faculty member at the GIBS. He teaches leadership, strategy and ethics. He oversees the Future of Business in SA project which uses strategic foresight and scenario planning to explore the future of South Africa. His focus is on looking at the future of key industries and sectors within the South African economy, within their larger political and social context nationally, regionally and globally.

Marius is a strategist and entrepreneur with a background in theology. After living abroad in Canada as a rotary international exchange student, he worked in the non-profit sector and civil society formations in South Africa for ten years, where he held various positions including head of project management and executive board memberships.

He has studied leadership and ethics, systems thinking and social change theory, forecasting, scenario planning, strategic planning and change management and enjoys helping leaders think about the future in ways that integrate strategy and ethics.

Marius is an experienced lecturer and public speaker, and teaches in the areas of strategic foresight and anticipatory management, scenario planning, leadership and strategy, ethics and systems thinking. He enjoys working with leaders from across the private sector, public sector and civil society on understanding complex problems.


GIBS campus, 26 Melville Road, Illovo, Sandton, Johannesburg

Date and time:

6 April 2017 from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm (half day)

Fee and cancellation policy:

R2500 pp includes masterclass materials, arrival and morning refreshments.

Payment must be received two weeks prior to start of masterclass to secure seat. Please adhere to cancellation policy outlined below.

Online booking:

To book your seat, please click APPLY NOW. If you have queries on how to book online or have any problem with registering online, please send an email to support@gibs.co.za


Please engage with us on Twitter: @GIBS_SA | #gibsforum, #gibsconference, #gibsevent, #gibsmba
  • Marius Oosthuizen

    ​Marius Oosthuizen is a member of faculty at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa. He teaches leadership, strategy and ethics, and heads up the Future of Business Project that uses strategic foresight methods to explore the future of South Africa, Africa and BRICS.


    Marius is a previous participant of the Oxford Scenarios Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK. He holds a Masters in Strategic Foresight from Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA. He is currently writing a PhD proposal on Integrative Public Leadership, and completing a Masters in Applied Social and Political Ethics.


    Marius has worked with business leaders, policy makers and civil society activists using his expertise in stakeholder dialogue, scenario planning, strategic foresight and systems thinking to create future-orientated strategy. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Association of Professional Futurists and recent participant in the London-based School of International Futures, as well as a recent contributor to the European Strategy and Policy System, the foresight think tank of the European Parliament.


    In his capacity as a consultant, Marius has worked within the following sectors; IT, financial services, insurance, agriculture, manufacturing (chemicals), warehousing and logistics, oil and gas, international relations, social development, tourism, city and regional planning and mining engineering.

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