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Breaking out into Consultancy – A Roadmap to a New Career

Understand how to succeed and stand out as a consultant in a firm, independently and within an organisation.

Learn how to operate and stand out in a world where freelancers, gig-workers and the like increasingly replace permanent employees. Whether this is within your organisation, through a consulting firm or as an independent consultant, this programme will assist you to be exceptional, and sought after.

This programme incorporates a mix of lecture, real-life stories, and workshops. It is not a theory-intense course but is designed to be practical and participative. The intention is for you to gain useful insight into the context, mindsets, practices and challenges of outstanding consultants.

Who should attend?

This course assumes that you are suitably qualified to take on a consulting role or are in a role where you provide a consulting-type service within your organisation. More specifically, this includes:

  • Professionals considering consulting as a career change option;

  • Professionals seeking to ready themselves for a future consulting way of working;

  • Consultants who want to stand out; and

  • Managers who offer an internal consulting service in their organisation, and want to differentiate themselves.

How you will benefit:

After this programme, you will know:

  • If consulting has a place in your future and what form that takes;

  • How to launch a consulting career;

  • What it takes to be successful as a consultant;

  • How to differentiate yourself as a consultant; and

  • How to manage ethical issues that consultants face.

Key focus areas:

  • Consulting, today and in a future world of work;

  • Getting in and rising up as a consultant;

  • Standing out as a consultant;

  • The challenges and benefits of being a consultant; and

  • The ethical dilemmas that consultants face.


Lisa Botes runs her own consulting practice and is passionate about stretching people’s thinking to transcend first draft solutions.

Lisa started her career as an electrical engineer, then changed track to sales and marketing and joined the consulting fraternity in 2011. She has specialised in facilitating strategy, innovative thinking and problem solving. Her strength is in sense making and crafting strategic level plans that are grounded in practicality. She has been an independent consultant since 2015 and facilitated across diverse companies ranging from medium sized to blue chip multinationals in industries including legal, financial services, insurance, medical, business education, renewables, retail, pharmaceutical, mining, telecoms, and agriculture.

She has an MBA (GIBS), B.Comm (UNISA) and Elec Eng NH.Dip (UJ), and is a registered Strategic Management Professional with the Association for Strategic Planning (Canada). Lisa is a guest lecturer at GIBS on the subjects of professional consulting and design thinking.

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