21st Century Marketing: Art and Science Converge

​If there was ever a time for marketing to step-up and take centre stage, it is now.

Businesses are being asked to get closer to customers, embrace digital technologies and reinvent themselves – all in the midst of an unpredictable business environment. With a proliferation of new tools available to them, marketers are in a unique position to navigate this landscape, and become a catalyst of business growth.

This conference will explore how 21st century marketing is evolving and how South African marketers can practically use these insights in our challenging business context.


Is the Marketing Industry Future Fit: Building Brands and Marketers in the 21st century 
- What is the marketing model for the 21st century?
- Digital can no longer be an afterthought, but how do marketers build transparency; accountability and brand safety into their digital strategies in light of the criticism that the digital media supply chain is “murky at best, fraudulent at worst?”
- How the agency model needs to change to deliver more creativity and less time on “conference calls, meetings and off-sites, travel, and wasted time with conference reports and Power Point presentations?”
- Do South African marketers have what it takes (skills, business savvy etc.) to compete in the marketplace of the 21st century?

Practically Harnessing Technology in Marketing 
- Creating new revenue streams
- Predicting future behaviours
- Mitigating against risk
- Use of analytics - tracking
- AI, big data, analytics transforming marketing communication
- Spotting trends 

Has our obsession with BIG DATA dulled out CUSTOMER INSIGHTS?

Content is King: Who is Getting it Right?

Brand Risk vs Reward
- Some brands experiment and fail miserably, other brands like Nando’s get it right: why and what are the risks?
- What are the other things that go wrong? Learnings from the H&M experience and Unilever’s, Dove 
- Understanding the context brands operate in is key

Understanding the Interrelationship Between Digital and Real-world Touchpoints that Shape Brand CX? 
- Is marketing being left behind in the customer experience wave? Many think that marketers are not equipped with the knowledge and skills in CX
- Should marketers be CX experts as well? Can they afford not to be?
- Do marketers understand the interrelationship between digital and real-world touchpoints that shape brand CX?
- How successful have South African marketers been in understanding and leveraging the intersection of the person and the technology? Going beyond pretty user interfaces

How Management Consultancies Disrupted Agencies

Leveraging Brand Purpose
There has been a 300% increase in purpose driven ads among the top 100 global brands over the past 5 years (source: WARC 2018 toolkit).
Unilever claims that purpose driven brands such as Dove are growing twice as fast as the rest of the portfolio.
- What does ‘purpose-driven’ mean in the context of South Africa? Can brands be authentically purpose driven?
- Has the ‘purpose-driven’ brand idea been overplayed?
- Who has done it well in South Africa? And who has not done it well? What happens when it goes wrong? 
- Do all brands need to be ‘purpose driven?’
- What about the commercial side? Can brands be a force for good and a source for growth (as per Marc Pritchard P&G)? 

Speakers to be announced shortly

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