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Zondo at Your Fingertips With Author Paul Holden

Paul Holden is a highly respected South African-born investigative researcher, writer, and Director of Investigations at Shadow World Investigations. He has garnered extensive recognition for his expertise in exposing corruption and providing insightful analysis of political and economic affairs. As a Network Fellow at the Safra Centre for Ethics at Harvard University, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the field of ethics.

With an impressive background that includes being named Corruption Watch's 'Corruption Hero of the Year' in 2014, training numerous journalists and activists in investigative methodologies, and testifying before the Zondo Commission, Paul Holden brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. In his latest book, Zondo at your Fingertips, he demystifies the Commission's findings, making them accessible to the layperson and shedding light on the rampant corruption that plagued South Africa.

Join us for an opportunity to engage with Paul Holden about the significant work of the Zondo Commission, gain invaluable insights into South Africa's recent history and future possibilities as we delve into the revelations of the Zondo Commission and explore the potential for transformative reform in South Africa.

Venue: GIBS classroom 8
Date: 7 June 2023
Time: 18:30 -19:30
Cost: Free

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