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Use Your Brain to Improve Strategic Thinking

Use the human brain to gain insight into our complex environment and greatly enhance strategic thinking.

Why is it important? Our environment today is both complex and uncertain. These conditions demand the very best strategic thinking in order to navigate the way ahead. 

The human brain is a complex system - much like the environment we live and work in. By appreciating how the brain works, we can use this insight to understand our complex environment and greatly enhance strategic thinking.

This forum will demonstrate the important interplay between strategy, economics and the science of the brain. It makes sense of the saying that "people are predictably irrational".

What we will cover

- The concept of complexity: why conventional planning is no longer effective;

- What leaders need to know about their brains:;

  • The organising principle of the brain
  • The struggle between conscious vs non-conscious processes
  • The role of gut feel and strategic intuition

- The DNA of strategic thinking: analysis vs insight;

- How to improve strategic thinking in conditions of uncertainty and stress.

About Dr. Norman Chorn

After a career in senior management with a multi-national, Norman worked as a consultant, researcher and visiting academic in Australia, New Zealand, UK, SE Asia and South Africa.

His passion is to improve individual and organisational performance in conditions of complexity and uncertainty. He does so by bringing insights from neuroscience to strategy and planning.

His background is in both economics and behavioural science, and his PhD focused on the relationship between organisational culture and business strategy. Norman has published widely and his book, Strategic Alignment, has received broad acclaim in the business press.

Additional Info:

Registration: 17:45

Starts: 18:00

Ends: 19:30

A light meal will be served after the event.

Want to attend but can't afford to? E-mail for one of the limited seats available.

Please note GIBS forums are filmed for City Press and BDTV

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