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Transforming African Agriculture to Address Food Insecurity and Global Food Supply Challenges

​Transforming African agriculture is crucial to addressing food insecurity and global food supply challenges.

With a rapidly growing population and increasing pressures on arable land, Africa's agricultural sector holds immense potential to play a pivotal role in ensuring food security on a global scale. By implementing sustainable and innovative practices, such as precision agriculture, agroforestry, and the use of modern technologies, African farmers can significantly boost productivity while minimizing environmental impacts.

Moreover, investing in agricultural infrastructure, access to finance, and capacity-building programs for smallholder farmers will enhance their resilience and competitiveness in the global market. Collaborative efforts between governments, private sectors, and international organizations are essential to foster a supportive ecosystem that empowers African farmers and facilitates the transition towards a food-secure future for the continent and beyond.

Join the industry experts as they discuss why there's an urgent need to transform the sector, who should lead this change, the possibility for change, and what Omnia is doing as a leader to catalyze its necessary revolution, paving the way for a sustainable and food-secure future in Africa and beyond.

Moderated by Janice Kew.

Seelan Gobalsamy, Chief Executive Officer at Omnia – Executive host

Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr Mandla Mpofu, MD at Omnia Agriculture;
  • Christo van der Rheede, Chief Executive Officer at Agri SA
  • Mbali Nwoko, Multi-Award Winning Farmer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Columnist & Podcaster;
  • Francois Fouche, Economist & Research Fellow.
Date: 22 August 2023
Time: 08:30 – 10:00
Venue: GIBS, 26 Melville Road
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