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The Stress Code

Surviving to thriving - A scientific model for stress resilience.

‘Richard’s expertise in human health and performance is unparalleled. He has helped me through some of the most critical moments in my career. This book is a must-read.’

Kevin Anderson - Wimbledon finalist, 2018

Stress impacts all facets of our lives and it is having devastating effects on the global economy. Effects such as reduced productivity and the huge burden being placed on healthcare systems around the world. Research has revealed that stress can destabilise our DNA, thereby compromising our genetic integrity, leading to the increase in many of the diseases we as a society are grappling with. Stress on an ongoing basis is one of the biggest challenges faced by the human race but in short bursts it can actually offer tremendous potential to grow, break personal barriers and excel. This book is therefore one of resilience not avoidance. Full of tools and skills to buffer the adverse effects of stress and enhance functionality and health, The Stress Code is a response to the global call for stress management solutions. Supported by extensive scientific research, the book offers comprehensive and structured insights and interventions to assist in thriving in adversity.

RICHARD SUTTON is a health and performance educator and consultant. He has advised top athletes, Olympic teams and international sporting federations, and is currently working with the tennis player, Maria Sharapova. He has lectured on a post-graduate level and consults to leading companies on stress resilience, employee engagement and productivity. Richard divides his time between the United States and Johannesburg.

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