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The Leadership Series with Professor Nicola Kleyn

Concerned about booking for an Event or Course because of the Coronavirus?

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Leaders in a world forever changed by the COVID19 pandemic will have to demonstrate agility and compassion and have an excellent understanding of Southern Africa's socioeconomic realities in the context of a changed global landscape.

Join Professor Nicola Kleyn as she engages with South African CEO's for an interactive discussion on what is now required from leaders during and after COVID 19.

Nicola will also reflect back on the lessons she has learnt in her 6 years as Dean of GIBS.

After the live session delegates will gain exclusive access to a series of pre-recorded interviews with each of the CEO's.

The interviews will offer practical insights on:

  • How they see the world, business and their industry evolving
  • What defines leadership excellence in today's world
  • How the nature of work is being redefined
  • How to build organisational adaptability
  • How they manage their own resilience

Speakers to be confirmed shortly.

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