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The Blue Economy


Prof Gunter Pauli proposes a new competitive strategy called The Blue Economy. The Blue Economy explores some of the most tantalising prospects for realising a low-carbon, resource-efficient, and competitive economy in the 21st century. It largely depends on allowing nature to do the work it does best: innovate, manufacture, use and recycle—over and over, for the longest of times. The business model will shift society from scarcity to abundance with what is locally available, by tackling issues that cause environmental and related problems in new ways.

Prof Gunter Pauli will explore the South African version of the Blue Economy 2:0 using case studies and projects that are already running. He will inspire entrepreneurs to adopt its insights, by demonstrating ways in which this can create economic benefits via job creation, reduced energy use, and more revenue streams from each step of the process, while at the same time benefiting the companies and communities involved.


Prof Gunter Pauli has published 20 books which capture his vision on how to create growth in the local economy with available resources. Trained as an economist at the University of Antwerp, and graduated with an MBA from Europe's leading business school (INSEAD), he started his career as an entrepreneur creating 12 companies in 12 years, two of which failed. In 1994, at the invitation of the United Nations University with the support of the Japanese Government, Gunter set out to design a competitive business model in preparation of the Kyoto Protocol that adheres to the principles of zero waste and zero emissions.

He teaches at universities, write case studies and translate his breakthrough experiences in fables for children.

As a father of 6 children he is firmly committed to prepare the next generate for the daunting task that lies ahead.

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Registration: 17:45

Starts: 18:00

Ends: 19:30

Cocktails will be served after the event.


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