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Ocean Basket’s global growth strategy - The Franchise model

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Registration: 17h45 - 18h00

Forum Start Time: 18h00

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cocktails will be served after the event


Ocean Basket comes of age this year, bringing massive transformation and an exciting new journey for both franchisees and the consumer; a journey that promises brand longevity and exceptional growth for this much-loved SA brand  that has successfully taken to the highly competitive global stage.

In 1995 Ocean Basket democratized seafood. It took something that had been out of the reach of the man on the street and made it accessible to all. It was different, fresh, fun and relaxed. Simplicity was the glue that held it all together.

SA fell in love with the brand, both for what it brought to the consumer and what it offered the business owner or franchisee. From one store in 1995, Ocean Basket today is a franchise consisting of 204 stores in 16 countries, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malta and Cyprus, with expansion plans firmly in place for a further 76 stores, many breaking into new markets like China. 


Grace Harding has more than 30 years’ experience across a number of business disciplines and today runs South African seafood franchise Ocean Basket.

With a background in HR, marketing, people engagement and strategy, her experience also spans leadership development and change management; ensuring that she’s well-equipped for the challenges of her role as company leader.

Since joining Ocean Basket in 2012, the group has grown from 147 stores in 7 countries to a franchise consisting of 203 stores in 16 countries, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malta and Cyprus, with expansion plans firmly in place for a further 76 stores, many breaking into new markets in Kazakhstan, Oman and Qatar. 

Grace is the driving force behind the transformation of this great South African brand, working directly for the founders. She is focused on creating a framework that retains the soul of the past while building a simple and slick system to enable a global Ocean Basket brand.

From starting a marketing consultancy, to being part owner in a specialist internal communications company, her focus has been on connecting people to strategies and strategies to actions. Grace understands the need for executives to align their employees to their vision, brand and business goals.

She believes in creating work environments that focus on the customer and people; environments with no fancy titles or cumbersome hierarchies.

Today she sees Ocean Basket as the perfect environment for her to fulfil her own dreams: It’s a down to earth, tenacious and very real brand – a true David in the world of Goliaths.

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