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In Conversation with Dr Emmanuel Taban, Author of "The Boy Who Never Gave Up"

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The Boy Who Never Gave Up: A Refugee’s Journey to Triumph with Author, Dr Emmanuel Taban

A harrowing journey from war-torn Sudan to South Africa, Dr Taban shares the story of how he was able to overcome extreme adversity and later become a leading pulmonologist at the forefront of an important discovery in the treatment of Covid-19 patients in 2020.

When the 17-year-old Emmanuel Taban arrived in Johannesburg from war-torn South Sudan with nothing, he had only five years of education behind him. Today this former Medunsa student is a highly qualified pulmonologist, with a European Diploma in adult respiratory medicine. During 2020, he was at the forefront of the treatment of Covid-19 patients in ICU. Taban was the first pulmonologist in the world to perform a therapeutic bronchoscopy on a hypoxemic Covid-19 patient, discovering that some deaths from Covid-19 pneumonia are due to fibrinous mucus plugs.

Date: 17 September

Time: 10:00

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