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How can companies manage complexity without getting complicated?

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Registration: 17h45 - 18h00

Forum Start Time: 18h00​​​​​​​​

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cocktails will be served after the event



Yves Morieux, Senior Partner of The Boston Consulting Group: How can companies manage complexity without getting complicated?

Business complexity -- the number of performance requirements firms need to satisfy has kept growing. Unfortunately, companies respond to these new requirements by adding structures, processes, systems and committees. This complicatedness hinders productivity, innovation and engagement.

How can companies manage complexity without getting complicated ?

The answer is Smart Simplicity. Dr Morieux, the originator of this approach, will use this session to share the practical implications of Smart Simplicity for leaders and to discuss the changes needed in the way to design organizations and manage work.

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​​Speaker Information

Yves Morieux thinks deeply about what makes organizations work effectively. A senior partner in BCG's Washington D.C. office and director of the BCG Institute for Organization, Morieux considers how overarching changes in structure can improve motivation for all who work there. He calls his approach "Smart Simplicity." Using six key rules, it encourages employees to cooperate in order to solve long-term problems. It isn't just about reducing costs and increasing profit -- it's about maximizing engagement through all levels of a company. Morieux has been featured in articles on organizational evolution in Harvard Business ReviewThe EconomistThe Wall Street JournalFast Company and Le Monde. His TED talk on the "Smart Rules" has received more than 2.5 views. 


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