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Conversations about Ethical Leadership with Ignatius Sehoole, CEO of KPMG

​Hosted by the GIBS Centre for Business Ethics - Join GIBS Interim Dean, Dr. Morris Mthombeni, in conversation with KPMG South Africa CEO, Ignatius Sehoole 

There is a renewed focus on ethics in the accounting profession. International Codes of Conduct are being revised, professional and regulatory bodies are intensifying scrutiny over accounting professionals, SAICA has elevated “ethical values and attitudes” to a critical competency for chartered accountants, and recently the Audit Profession’s Act was amended to allow for stricter penalties, and a strengthened regulator. 

All of this begs the question… Is the profession rotten? Some might question whether all of this is necessary. Others may argue it’s not enough. 

Seeing that all of these measures are imposed on the profession “from the outside”, what is the view and the response “from the inside”.

KPMG South Africa received a great deal of negative publicity associated with state capture. But since 2017, the firm has made professional ethics and integrity one of its major focus areas. Join us for a conversation on ethical leadership with the CEO of KPMG South Africa, Ignatius Sehoole, who has led the firm's efforts to rebuild its reputation and restore trust.

About the speaker:

Ignatius Sehoole is a seasoned and qualified Charted Accountant (SA) with over 22 years of experience within the Financial Services industry. He has served in numerous high-level positions as well as several board memberships within his career. These include serving as the Committee Chairman for the Audit Committee of the Public Investment Corporation, Chairman of the Risk and Capital Management Committee for African Bank, Director for the ThuthukaEducation Upliftment Fund Directors Committee as well as a Committee Member for the Audit Committee and Nominating Committee of IFAC. 

Before his current role as CEO, Ignatius served as the Vice President (South East Africa) for MTN Group Limited. In this role, he managed the operations within southeast Africa for the MTN Group responsible for profitability and balance sheet management. He has also served as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for PricewaterhouseCoopers Southern Africa and as an Executive President for the South African Institute of Charted Accountants (SAICA). Ignatius has also had the privilege of serving as a board member on the Specialist Committee on Company Law as well as an Independent non-executive director for the Board of Efora Energy

Date: 9 July

Time: 12:00 

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