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Foresight 2022

The Foresight Forum is a highly anticipated event on the GIBS calendar. As we close out 2021,  join us for a discussion with leading economic, industry, and business experts to consider the year that has passed, and what lies ahead in 2022.

Having wrestled with various states of Covid-induced lockdown for almost 20 months; stressed by an ongoing energy deficit – that some are calling a crisis; rocked by the social and economic impacts of July’s looting; and met with new political arrangements after November’s municipal elections, what sense do we make of the economy, the business outlook and the prospects for 2022? 

After a tumultuous and stressed 2021, are we on the road to economic recovery? What more needs to be done? How strong are the drivers? What are the potential derailers and risks? And will 2022 bring a better year after the hard times of the ‘Covid years’?

Confirmed speakers:
Prof Nick Binedell, GIBS faculty;
Prof Adrian Saville, GIBS faculty;
Dr Thabi Leoka, economist at Argon Asset Management; and 
Isaah Mhlanga, chief economist at Alexander Forbes.

Date: Thursday, 2 December 2021
Time: 16:00 - 17:00

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