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Executive Career Development With Author of Future Purpose, Chris Van Melle Kamp

This book uniquely shifts the focus from organisational viewpoints to empower individual executives in steering their career growth and strategic prowess towards the C-Suite and beyond. It offers comprehensive insights into personal career development and transitions, setting it apart within the genre.

The author, Chris van Melle Kamp, presents a meticulously researched voyage of self-discovery, elucidating essential foundations for cultivating knowledge, experience, strategic aptitude, and critical thinking.

Chris draws on real-life examples spanning diverse domains like diplomacy, executive coaching, conservation, and board leadership, to craft a compelling Five Dimensions framework. This framework becomes a guiding beacon for executives, facilitating their journey toward upper echelons of leadership. The book not only champions our inherent curiosity but also underscores themes of rejuvenation and the pursuit of significance. At its core, the book emphasizes purpose and meaning, accentuating their pivotal roles in steering us toward accomplishing our aspirations.

Embedded within the narrative is the theme of renewal, as the author highlights sweeping global changes across social, economic, environmental, and political spheres. Chris contends that amid these changes, business leaders must seize the reins, drive positive transformation, and champion environmental stewardship. He envisions these transformations birthing novel career pathways, alternative livelihoods, and substantial prospects for personal and societal development.

Join Chris van Melle Kamp, as he takes us through his book Future Purpose. Unlike many books that address leadership, career management, and change from an organisational perspective, this book provides individual executives with deep insights into how they can take charge of their own careers and strategic capabilities on a journey to the C-Suite and beyond.

Date: 1 November 2023
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Venue: GIBS Campus, 26 Melville Road, Illovo.
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