Cyber Crime- Using Terror Investigation Methods to Mitigate Business Risk.

Cyber security is constantly evolving, bringing with it new complex challenges and a host of new priorities for governments, organisations, and the private sectors.

Cyber adversaries are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to launch attacks, specifically designed to evade cyber defenses. And yet, our approach to combating cyber-crime remains based on aged paradigms, which have not kept up with the evolution of cyber threats. Given the non-technical nature of the seminar, not only CIOs and CISOs, but anyone with a business interest will benefit from attending this seminar.

This presentation will address critical capabilities for building an effective, intelligence-powered threat protection solution, including:  

  • Holistic Kill Chain Coverage - Using multiple sensors working in tandem to monitor network, endpoints, files, C&C, lateral movement, and identify unknown threats using machine learning, big data, and behavioral analysis.
  • Extending Cyber Investigations Beyond the Organisation -Scour the open, deep, and dark web to identify planned and active cyber-crime campaigns, illegal commerce of exploits and vulnerabilities, and indicators of breaches and data leaks.
  • Automating Cyber Investigations - Leveraging artificial intelligence and big data analytics to cross reference, and automatically investigate 100% of alerts from detection and forensic sensors to build visual, prioritized security incidents.
  • Simplified SOC Operations -Replacing the need for multiple security tools with a single unified investigation platform that provides analysts with visual attack storylines, right-click forensics, documentation & reporting, and integrated response.


Noam Rosenfeld is Senior VP, Cyber Intelligence Solutions at Verint Systems. Before joining Verint, Noam was the Head of the Cyber Defense Department in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). 

During his time in the IDF, Noam Managed 3 branches where he supervised 200 technologists and took full responsibility for the IDF cyber domain (Army, Navy, Air Force, Intelligence) – he was also responsible for managing the defense campaign on a daily basis (SOC operating, proactive approach).  Noam also headed the task of establishing a commercial intelligence infrastructure, used as a basis for analyzing and predicting future attacks and threats, in addition to establishing and directing the "special” teams (Red, Blue) for specific operations – he also instituted the IDF CERT.    During his distinguished IDF career, Noam defined the doctrine and policy of the IDF cyber defense, and planned "tailor made" cyber security solutions, which were adapted to protect the main assets and the main operational processes of the IDF.

His vast and rich experience in senior technological management, enabled Noam to develop unique cyber training programs for IDF commanders and cyber personnel, as well as directing the inside development of innovative unique cyber solutions.  He also built a risk assessment program according to a unique operation research model.

Today, Noam leads project management, product development, innovation and global research labs for Verint's cybersecurity, network intelligence, and off-air intelligence solutions.

Additional Info:

Registration: 17:45-18:00

Starts: 18:00

Ends: 19:30

A light supper will be served after the event.

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  • Manoj Chiba

    ​​​Manoj Chiba is a management professional with over 10 years of senior management experience. He is currently the principal consultant and data analyst specialist for ATBM Advisory. His passion is driving the triple bottom line through evidence-based research and some of the work includes price-setting strategies, market share analysis and strategic input. He also has a strong passion for education at the grass-roots level and assisting in solving youth unemployment in South Africa. Manoj lectures MBA students at GIBS on analytical tools and techniques and supervises MBA projects. He is currently studying towards his DBA (GIBS).

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