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COO Engage: A chain of trust: agency and investing with Rob Dower COO, Allan Gray

​​​​​Additional Forum Information 
Registration: 17h45 - 18h00
Forum Start Time: 18h00​​​​​​​​
Length: 1 hour 30 minutes
Cocktails will be served after the event​​​​​​​



Rob Dower discusses the long chain of trust and confidence in savings and investments. In order for a worker to have the machine they need in a factory, or for a shopkeeper to buy stock to expand her shop, or for a geologist to explore for new minerals, they need capital. Capital comes from savings, which comes from savers. In order for a saver to earn the best return on her savings, she needs to connect to those factories or shops or mines who will pay her the best for her capital, as efficiently as possible. Even in the best cases, the chain between the saver and the worker/shopkeeper/geologist is opaque and fraught with conflicts of interest - agency problems. What can we do to make this work better?


Rob Dower: Chief Operating Officer

Rob joined Allan Gray in August 2003 and was appointed chief operating officer in June 2009. He is responsible for the operational management of the business. Rob was formerly a management consultant with McKinsey and is a graduate of UCT and INSEAD. Rob and his wife Liesel are proud parents of four. Like many other Capetonians he is an enthusiastic weekend cyclist.

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