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Behavioural sciences and Marketing with world guru Alex Batchelor

A​dditional Forum Information 

Registration: 17h45 - 18h00

Forum Start Time: 18h00

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cocktails will be served after the event


Marketing guru Alex Batchelor was Planning Director at Saatchi & Saatchi before he was Marketing Director at Interbrand during a time of phenomenal growth. He was the Vice President Global Brand at Orange and the Chief Marketing Officer at Tom Tom. His talk covers how learning from the behavioural sciences challenges some of the beliefs in marketing.  Psychology tells us that humans are fast and frugal in our decision-making, that we ‘think much less than we think we think’. Instead, we are guided by impressions, associations, past experience, stories and feelings. We use mental shortcuts or rules of thumb to help us decide between options, products, brands – and indeed politicians.


After speaking regularly on the media and conference circuit Alex decided that he should see if he could actually manage brands rather than just talk about them, so returned to the client side as Vice President Global Brand at Orange (launching the brand in 12 countries), Marketing Director at Royal Mail (as it faced competition for the first time in its 350 year history) and Chief Marketing Officer at TomTom. He joined BrainJuicer® as the Chief Operating Officer in 2010 and have helped the business continue its rapid growth. He is the former Chairman of the Marketing Society and a Fellow – and at various times has been a member of the IPA, the APG, the AMA, the MRS, the AMSRS and the RSA.  

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