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Africa Bounces Back with Author, Victor Kgomoeswana

​Join Professor Adrian Saville in conversation with a business in Africa expert Victor Kgomoeswana about his new book “Africa Bounces Back”.  

It has been nearly ten years since Africa is Open for Business was first published and Victor Kgomoeswana showcased the continent as a place of opportunity and fertile ground for business.

But, if recent headlines are anything to go by, then the current outlook seems dim. As a result of corruption, the deepening infrastructure backlog, including resistance to 4IR developments, and the current global pandemic, it seems the continent is fast running out of time. However, when asked if Africa is still open
for business, Kgomoeswana confidently says, ‘It depends on your perspective.’

Africa Bounces Back draws on case studies that look at the continent’s response to COVID-19 and where it might leave us, how the shift from globalisation to more nationalist politics could impact the region amidst growing global terror and the tipping point of the African Continental Free Trade Area

Kgomoeswana also revisits previous case studies, including Ethiopian Airlines, China’s ongoing involvement in Africa and the ‘new normal’ innovations that have caused much-needed disruptions in their sectors. Africa Bounces Back is a reminder that even in the mist of crisis, a resilient spirit, decisive action and the
correct perspective can lead to progress and, ultimately, success.

About the Author: 
Victor Kgomoeswana is a writer, speaker and broadcaster. An expert on business in Africa, he has consulted for multinational companies and has been the guest speaker at some of Africa’s key business conferences. An accomplished columnist, Kgomoeswana is the go-to commentator on African business and economics. His 2014 bestselling book, Africa is Open for Business, which is also the name of his advisory company, has become synonymous with his persuasively Afro-optimistic stance on Africa’s economic opportunities and prospects.

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