How Long Will South Africa Survive RW Johnson

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Ferial Haffajee, editor City Press, in conversation with RW Johnson. In 1977, RW Johnson’s best-selling How Long Will South Africa Survive? provided a controversial and highly original analysis of the survival prospects of apartheid. Now, after more than twenty years of ANC rule, he believes the situation has become so critical that the question must be posed again. ‘The big question about ANC rule’, he writes, ‘is whether African nationalism would be able to cope with the challenges of running a modern industrial economy. Johnson’s analysis is strikingly original and cogently argued. He has for several decades now been the senior international commentator on South African affairs, known for his lucid analysis and complete lack of deference towards the conventional wisdom. ​

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RW (Bill) Johnson studied at Natal University, Durban and then as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford where he was then a Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Magdalen College for 26 years, returning to SA in 1995 to run the Helen Suzman Foundation. Bill has written thirteen books, has served as a foreign correspondent for both the Times and Sunday Times (London) and has written many hundreds of articles for a variety of international publications. In 2015 he published Look Back in Laughter. Oxford's Post-War Golden Age and also How Long Will SA Survive ? The Looming Crisis. He has lectured at many universities, including the Sorbonne in Paris, and remains an Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.

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