Hard Talk: How to become a Global Challenger

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Despite fears that emerging market growth has begun to cool down, a group of successful companies from these markets continue to expand overseas. For the past decade The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has compiled a list of these "Global Challengers" who continue to disrupt the global markets they operate in. Over the last 10 years these Global Challengers have grown nearly four times faster than their peers in mature markets and generated shareholder returns more than five times higher. 

This year's list includes seven African companies, five of which are from South Africa. Discovery is a new inclusion and joins Bidvest, MTN, Sasol and Aspen. The seven African Global Challengers account for nearly 3% of Africa's total GDP.

Join Dinesh Khanna, global leader of the Global Advantage practice at BCG as he shares key insights and findings from his research on how these companies are setting themselves apart from their competitors. Local BCG partners Adam Ikdal, Euvin Naidoo and Stefano Niavas will also join the conversation to unpack how the Global Challengers can keep up their expansion in a slower global growth environment and where new global growth opportunities could lie. 


Stavros Nicolaou, Senior Executive: Strategic Trade Development at Aspen

Dr Jonathan Broomberg, CEO Discovery Health

Dinesh Khanna, global leader of the Global Advantage practice at BCG


Local BCG partners Adam Ikdal, Euvin Naidoo and Stefano Niavas

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  • Professor Lyal White

    Prof. Lyal White is the founding director of the Centre for Dynamic Markets (CDM) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), University of Pretoria, where he is an Associate Professor in International Business focusing on political economy and strategy in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    Prof. White is widely published in news media, academic journals and books, most recently as co-editor of "The Changing Dynamics of International Business in Africa" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), "Africa-to-Africa Internationalisation" (Palgrave MacMillan, 2016) and chapter contributor of "Africans Investing in Africa" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015). He has worked in a range of sectors covering themes from investment rationale, strategy, competitiveness and general management in Dynamic Markets to reform, growth and development, and comparative politics in Africa and Latin America. He is also coordinating research and dialogue geared toward improving Africa's political and commercial relations with Latin America and understanding the role of new players in Africa and the world.


    Comparative political economy and strategic thinking in the context of International Business in Africa and Latin America are his principal areas of focus. Related to this, a key area of interest lies in understanding the exciting but complex environment of business in Dynamic Markets, and what is required by firms and individuals to improve their competitive performance in new markets. Through the lens of institutions and how institutional evolution underpins economic performance, Prof. White has developed the Dynamic Market Index (DMI), which measures and compares institutional progress and performance in markets across the globe. His research and writing emphasises contextually-driven strategy, which is evident in the many academic and executive programmes he runs, not to mention his advisory work.

    Prof. White has lived and worked in South Africa, Rwanda, Argentina, Colombia, Morocco and the US, and is associated with a number of institutions across the globe. He has also taught at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, Al Akhawayn University in Morocco, Science Po – Bordeaux, France, and at the Kelly School of Business - Indiana University. Prof. White lectures regularly at CEDEP in Fontainebleau, France, Strathmore Business School in Kenya, and was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American studies (CLAS) at UC Berkeley in the US.

    Prof. White is committed to enhancing cultural understanding between countries and building commercial and political ties between Africa and the world. He is of the firm belief that strong institutional and cultural understanding will help harness development and long-term prosperity for the masses in these dynamic regions.

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