Dueling with Lions

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Registration: 17h45 - 18h00

Forum Start Time: 18h00​​​​​​​​

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Cocktails will be served after the event


Although Western multinational corporations (MNCs) are starting to generate​ more revenue in Africa, many are running up against companies that have turned their exclusive focus on African markets into an advantage. MNCs must learn what they can from those agile local companies while exploiting their own considerable strengths. Local companies have the advantage of understanding the terrain and markets however they need to find better ways to hedge against the volatility of their markets. The only way MNC's can offset the advantage is to adopt a long-term view, re-think traditional models and build strong local teams. They can also use advanced technology, famous brands and other skills to build an advantage in Africa. 

​Join us for the business of Africa forum with the Boston Consulting Group.

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