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Cosatu has played a crucial role in championing democratisation, and it has been a critical voice for workers. But today with the current crisis crippling Cosatu, the future of Cosatu is uncertain.

While having to face the challenges posed by a rapidly informalising labour market, Cosatu is bitterly divided between those who support and those who oppose the alliance with the ruling ANC.  Formerly one of the most advanced and respected trade union federations in the world, some see Cosatu as undergoing the degeneration and marginalisation that has characterised the fate of many postcolonial labour movements in Africa.

So what are the implications for broader South Africa and its economy of the threatened disintegration of Cosatu and more importantly – what's next for Cosatu??

Join Vishwas Satgar co-editor of the book Cosatu in crisis,  Zwelinzima Vavi former general secretary of Cosatu and Loane Sharpe from the Free Market  Foundation for a lively discussion that promises to tackle the underlying causes of the federation's demise, and provides crucial perspectives on why organised labour is key to understanding the future of Alliance politics, industrial relations and democracy.


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