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The Successful Negotiator

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Cultivate the necessary implementable skills and knowledge to become an ever more successful negotiator.

This programme is designed and presented to solve real–life negotiation challenges using active learning and engaging teaching methods to assess negotiation skills; such as relevant case studies, film footage, role plays and simulations. Each participant will be provided with feedback on how to derive greater opportunity from their negotiation skills. 

This programme provides a deep and practical understanding of the commercial and deep-rooted conflict negotiation process that can immediately be implemented. Participants will be equipped with essential negotiation skills to create value, resolve disputes, overcome challenging work situations, and further skills and to negotiate upon personal matters at the end of the programme.

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Who should attend the Successful Negotiator Programme?

  • The programme is intended for individuals who are involved in negotiations and deal-making, and those who wish to improve and enhance their negotiation skills and gain confidence and expertise in negotiating;
  • It is relevant to individuals who wish to take power in their personal lives, business and the public arena; and
  • It is suitable for individuals who might be undergoing a transition in life, entrepreneurs, young aspirant leaders, dealmakers, experienced leaders, executives, strategists and those involved in meetings and groups.

How will you benefit from negotiation skills learned?

The course will enable the participants to become competent with two sets of essential and high-level negotiation knowledge and skills that are essential in day to-day life in South Africa and across the world:
  • Create and monetise value, through the acquisition of a new, intellectually robust and practical set of commercial negotiation and deal-making skills; and
  • Acquire the essential knowledge to constructively contribute to negotiating and resolving deep-rooted conflict.

Key Focus Areas

  • Session 1: Introduction to negotiations and your pursuit of meaning and purpose in life: (Preparation for Negotiation)
  • Session 2: The Creation of Value in Negotiation: How do we discover value in negotiation? (Preparation for Negotiation)
  • Session 3: The Negotiation Rules of Engagement (Personal Styles of Negotiation)
  • Session 4: Conduct of Good and Bad Negotiation Biases and Heuristics Personal Styles of Negotiation
  • Session 5: The Excellent and Functional Negotiation Team
  • Session 6: Mandating in Negotiation (Preparation for Negotiation)
  • Session 7: Negotiation Scenarios (Preparation for Negotiation)
  • Session 8: Influence and Negotiations (Personal Styles of Negotiation)
  • Session 9: Individual and Organisational Preparation for Negotiation
  • Session 10: Resolving Deep-Rooted Conflict 
  • Session 11: Idealised Redesign and Interactive Planning

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Dr Geoff Heald 
PhD / University of Witwatersrand; LLM/ University of Witwatersrand; MBA/University of Stellenbosch; Honours BA/ University of Stellenbosch & B.Soc. Sci. UCT

Dr Heald is responsible for the Executive and Academic Education Negotiation portfolio at the Gordon Institute of Business Science & Free State Business School. He is also a visiting professor at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile and currently designing a Resolving Deep-Rooted Conflict Elective for the students from across Latin America.  He designs and teaches negotiation programmes from entry level to visiting negotiation professor at IEDC Business School in Bled Slavonia. He is currently creating an African Negotiation Project that will seek to rectify the enormous skill imbalance that exists between African negotiators and their counterparts from societies that have the benefit of advanced negotiation training and education. This project will offer negotiation training, education, think-tanks, conferencing and research.

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