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Persuasion Science for Sales

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Apply various ethical persuasion techniques, skills and methodologies to achieve business success.

Use the four elegant Persuasion Science disciplines – innovatively blended via systems thinking, psychology and neuro-scientific principles – to move the needle in your organisation.
Enhance your real-world ability to lead, negotiate, sell and present, especially during times of uncertainty, volatility or economic pressure. It is precisely this systems-thinking approach to the four inter-related Persuasion Sciences that makes Ian Rheeder’s two-day programme unique. As you will discover, the fusion of persuasion psychology with neuroscience, and mastery of the most important areas of influence, enables even the busiest individual to achieve desired outcomes and to close more deals through modern ethical persuasion techniques.
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How will you benefit from this persuasion programme:
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
  • Use the four different Persuasion Sciences to sell better and close more deals;
  • Improve employee engagement and enhance your own engagement; 
  • Build, motivate and retain high-performance teams;
  • Apply the elegant CUSP® Negotiating and TEC® Leadership Systems – a step-by-step method that is easy to remember and implement;
  • Anticipate difficult scenarios while remaining calm, assertive and creative;
  • Handle objections the high-trust way, using preparation and your body language; and
  • Quickly achieve your return on investment from this persuasion training.
Key Persuasion Focus Areas:
  • How leading, selling, negotiating and pitching overlap;
  • The basics of the brain: understanding the concepts of neuroscience ;
  • “What is more important: Energy or focus?”;
  • Influencing people via high-trust selling and high-trust leadership;
  • Body language: Building trust fast online, virtually and in-person;
  • Selling, negotiating and leading with “the brain in mind” ;
  • The 7 levers of persuasion;
  • Presenting: The 4 definitive stages of presenting; and
  • Negotiation and objection-handling techniques and role-play 
Who should attend this persuasion programme?

The programme is appropriate for all individuals who want to rapidly learn how to persuade, sell, lead, inspire, influence, negotiate and pitch. These include: 

  • Current and potential executives, leaders and managers;
  • Supervisors; and 
  • Sales professionals, consultants & key account managers.

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Ian Rheeder answers the central theme: ‘What makes a negotiator successful?’ Ian draws on 30-years of practical experience and an obsession with studying neuroscience. To this end, he developed the simple CUSP® Negotiating System. Over the past decade Ian has successfully trained thousands of negotiators using the CUSP® methodology as a simple yet powerful persuasion system. He is a Chartered Marketer and holds an MSc in Persuasion Science (cum laude).

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