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Online Power Workshop - Disruption Amplified: Reset, Rewire and Re-imagine Everything

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​Relevance, agility and adaptability in a COVID-19 world

The year 2020 can be classified as the most disruptive in the last 50 years. COVID-19 has impacted every facet of society.

This talk unpacks all these changes and then looks at the trends that will shape our world in the 10 years. It also provides deep insight into how individuals and companies can adapt to this changing context.

Elements covered in this talk:

  • What does the rest of 2020 have in store?
  • What mega-shifts can we expect in the future?
  • How will the next 10 years be impacted by the events of today?
  • How will your organisation be affected by political, economic, social, societal, technological and other changes?
  • A granular view on the future of sectors, industries and business models. These insights are based on deep strategy work globally as well as Abdullah's work in his forthcoming book.
  • Work Rewired, the Millennium triple wham, the big property glut, the travel apocalypse, the future of retail and consumer markets.
  • The future of finance.
  • Digital disruption accelerated.
  • How can companies reposition their strategy now, with an eye on the next decade?
  • What does agility and adaptability look like in a post-COVID world?
  • How can individuals and leaders ensure they have the right tools to adapt and thrive in this new context?

About Abdullah Verachia

Abdullah serves as the CEO of The Strategists, a leading strategy and advisory firm, as well as faculty at GIBS and programme director for the Harvard/GIBS Senior Executive Programme for Africa.  He is a highly sought-after and accomplished speaker, strategist, academic and businessman whose career boasts compelling corporate experience at executive level.

As an academic, and strategist, Abdullah has crafted a reputation for engagement, deep understanding of the trends impacting the business world and an ability to grasp the potential impact of complex disruptors.  He has presented to leading listed firms, international organisations and governments around the world and works globally with boards and executive teams to craft competitive future strategies.  He is renowned for his ability to guide organisations through a complex and rapidly evolving external environment.

Please note:  payment must be received prior to this event.

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