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Online: Economics for Non-Economists

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​A User's Guide to Understanding Economics and Economic Jargon.

The economy matters substantially to the health, wealth, and prosperity of the country, its companies, and its citizens. Yet, sadly, economics often is not well understood, with the jargon and language of economics making this important topic regarded as inaccessible, misunderstood, or simply disregarded. Or, where people try to give economics the necessary attention, they are quickly caught up in technical terms and acronyms – like a gross domestic product, foreign portfolio flows, CPI, and MPC - that leave users lost in the language and often bewildered by the terminology and how it all fits together.  

Against this backdrop, this masterclass has two main objectives. The first is to give you a solid grasp of how economies fit together, what makes them work (or fail) and how the performance of an economy transfers into the performance of companies and the well-being of countries. The second is to strip away the jargon of economics to give you a common-sense understanding of the key terms and terminology. 

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'95% of economics is common sense'

Ha-Joon Chang

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Who should attend?

This masterclass with be of value and benefit executives and managers: 

  • interested in understanding how the economy impacts their company and their communities;
  • wanting to demystify the language and jargon of economics to make it meaningful and useful as a business tool; 
  • trying to make sense of how their country is doing;
  • concerned with the well-being and prospects of their country; and 
  • students with a background in other fields who would like to improve their economic knowledge.
How you will benefit

This masterclass will give you a solid understanding of why economics matters to countries and companies.

It will give you an overview of how the economy works and give you the tools to assess the performance of an economy.

In the masterclass, we will demystify the jargon so that the language of economics is made accessible and the tools of economics become useable in your hands.

We can't turn you into an economic expert in a masterclass, but we can help you understand this critical ingredient that matters to the performance of your company, the well-being of your community and the prosperity of your country.  

Additional information

This class should take between five to eight hours to complete. It can be completed at your own pace.  Delegates will have access to the platform for 3 months. 

On completion delegates receive a certificate of attendance and a digital credential to use on their LinkedIn profile. 

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