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Neuroleadership Masterclass with Stephanie Martinis

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Clues from Neuroscience for Catalytic Conversations

In a "VUCA" world in the midst of the "Fourth Industrial revolution"  amidst digitisation, automation, globalisation and disintermediation, we have started to value some priceless human only traits which can’t be digitised and which are invaluable in leading our businesses and society to their maximum potential. 


Channelling the compassion, creativity, imagination, intuition and ethics of our leaders to consciously engage themselves and others towards a thoughtfully co-created future is surely an imperative to create a sustainable world.


To quote futurist Gerd Leonhard “technology is the how and humanity is the why”.


The more we can partner and innovate on the human level the more we can consciously drive change rather than being driven by it.

Nothing has given me more hope recently than to observe how simple conversations give birth to actions that can change lives and restore our faith in the future. There is no more powerful way to initiate significant social change than to start a conversation. When a group of people discover that they share a common concern, that's when the process of change begins.

Margaret J. Wheatley

Using coaching principles and philosophies as a foundation, this masterclass will highlight insights from Neuroscience that illustrate the value of key conversational skills to access and express the best of our human potential.

Key findings  will be presented and dialogue will be invited so that the master class itself takes the form of a catalytic conversation from which participants can craft the most relevant conversational approach for their particular context.

About the facilitator: Stephanie Martinis (CA) SA,  ICF (PCC), Founding member of the ICF Gauteng chapter

Since leaving the corporate world in 1999 , Stephanie has  pursued her passion of self development and finding ways to engage with others in their growth journeys; both as an example through living an abundant life and through the use of powerful coaching and facilitation methodologies. She connects to the ideal of contributing to a conscious compassionate world, one conversation at a time.






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