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Negotiation Skills

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​Wield influence and persuasive power.

We are all called on to negotiate multiple times daily, in our personal and our professional lives. Regardless of the situation and no matter which level of the organisation you are on, your power to influence others and negotiate outcomes is one of the most important skills you can possess for satisfaction, advancement and even success. Even if you have incredible ideas, you need to 'sell' them to make them effective. 

The Negotiation Skills seven-week online programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills for effective negotiation to drive mutually beneficial outcomes. You will come away with increased confidence in your ability to negotiate by playing to your strengths to build trust and long-term relationships, take the lead and shape the outcomes in ways that bring others along willingly.

Programme Modules:

Module 0 - Orientation

The Orientation Module introduces you to the GIBS Online campus, onboards you to the programme and initiates your engagement with the GIBS expert faculty and fellow participants. You have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the programme details, how to approach online learning and the kinds of activities you will encounter during the programme.

Module 1 - Formidable YOU

Module 2 - Human-centred YOU

Module 3 - Organisational Awareness

Module 4 - Negotiation Necessities

Module 5 - Consciously Positive Negotiation

Module 6 - Negotiation Process for Mutual Benefit

This programme is scheduled to run on the following dates in 2021:

19 Jan - 8 March

16 Feb - 5 April

16 March - 3 May

18 May - 5 July

20 July - 6 Sep

14 Sep -1 Nov

16 Nov - 3 Jan

Enrolments for 3 iterations will be open at a time and dates may vary.

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Who should attend?
  • Middle and senior-level managers
  • Employees who seek to be more effective in negotiating, convincing or persuading others, require general negotiating, convincing or persuading skills that they can use in multiple life and business applications

How you will benefit
  • Self-awareness that empowers you to negotiate with confidence
  • Interpersonal awareness that gives you insight into building trust and developing creative solutions
  • Organisational awareness that empowers you, as negotiator, to enrich and shape your argument in a way that is relevant
  • Negotiation skills that enable you to take the lead, subtly if necessary and shape the outcomes in ways that bring others along willingly
  • A consciously positive approach to negotiation paving the way for future negotiations
  • A proven negotiation process and tools that specifically drive mutual benefit
  • Insights into the application of these skills in a remote working environment
Programme Assessment

Throughout the programme, you will have opportunities to test your knowledge, practise application, evaluate your understanding, reflect on your insights and track your improvement with both graded and ungraded assessments.

Module assessments include reflective polls and discussions, multiple-choice quizzes, written assignments and case study applications. You will receive feedback and can discuss ways to improve with GIBS faculty and your peers.

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Lisa Botes

[Independent Business Management Consultant]

Lisa Botes, a guest lecturer at GIBS and an experienced business consultant specialising in strategy development and innovative problem-solving. She has worked extensively at functional and business levels across numerous sectors such as financial, medical, mining, oil and gas, IT, and education. She has been in consulting for nine years, running her own consulting practice for four years. The art of influence and leadership is significantly embedded in her practice - from 'selling' ideas to clients, positioning and garnering commitment. Prior to consulting, she held various senior sales and marketing positions, responsible for strategy development, contract negotiation with retail customers and implementation of national strategies. Lisa Botes qualified in electrical engineering at Wits Technikon, obtained a BCom degree from UNISA, completed an MBA at GIBS, and a Management Advancement programme at Wits Business School. She is registered as a Strategic Management Professional with the Association for Strategy Planning (Canada) as well.

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