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Mastering the Art of Disruption

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This 2-day course will provide understanding and tools to enable a new hands-on approach to disruption – one that will result in transformation and abundance for both the organisation and individuals. 

It will provide background understanding of how and why disruption occurs and create the skills for proactively designing disruptions in your organisation and skills to build exponential organisations (ExO) to deliver on that  disruption.

Why become a disruptor?

  • Enables out-the-box thinking to take advantage of conventional opportunities
  • Improves adaptability in volatile time.
  • Changes your mindset by questioing your assumptions and reasoning
  • Enables positive change and creates opportunities in unusual places.
  • Create new markets and needs that would remain untapped if disruption did not occur.

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Who should attend?
  • General managers; 
  • Human research professionals; 
  • Professionals in high-tech or related industries; and 
  • Individuals and teams from start-ups and scale-ups.

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme, you will be able to: 

  • Understand why and how disruption happens; 
  • Understand how disruption changes the rules of the game in any industry; 
  • Get to grips with how disruptive thinking potentially differs one’s conventional thought patterns; 
  • Become skilled at unpacking a traditional value chain of any business; 
  • Become skilled at identifying a good disruption within the pre-existing value chain; 
  • Understand how to build an Exponential Organisation by getting to grips with the characteristics of ExOs; and 
  • Become empowered by learning how to reframe a business and your personal lives to embrace disruption and benefit from it.
Additional information
  • Understanding the theory behind disruption: How it happens and why; 
  • Understanding the mindset required to be a disruptor; 
  • Understanding how to design a disruption through unpacking the value chain and following basic disruption design steps; 
  • Understanding the theory behind exponential organisations; 
  • Understanding the characteristics of Exponential Organisations; 
  • Understanding how to leverage characteristics of Exponential Organisations to deliver disruptive businesses; and 
  • Understand how to intentionally write oneself into an abundant future.
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