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Leading from the Future

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​Transformational leaders lead for the emerging future in today's context.

This programme is designed to help leaders discover new techniques and practices required to lead for the future in today's context through an immersive experience. Learn about your future customers and challenges by studying how other organisations navigate digital transformation and the emerging future.

Question is, are you ahead of the curve to be the disruptor through building relevance for the future?

The programme is structured for a hands-on experience. Participants will get valuable insights on process automation, innovation and disruption, business intelligence and how these will set the basis for future business models and cultivating a culture that embraces complexity.

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Who should attend?
  • Functional specialists working in strategic and operational lead roles; and
  • Forward-thinking managers who are future-focused and prepared.
  • Individuals who need to drive the digital agenda as a business imperative.
How you will benefit

This programme will help you gain the necessary skills to be able to:

  • Use and apply critical business thinking to your transformational strategy by designing and executing for relevance in the 4IR.
  • Understand how to effectively deliver and execute your strategy through building an agile business operating model.
  • Better understand your environment to forecast and anticipate future business challenges. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key aspects to the digital age that requires adapting a new business model with a new set of standards.
  • Apply and demonstrate business value through the enablement of technology.
  • Have an intermit understanding for your future customer and having the foresight to understand what will drive their purchasing decisions; and
  • Be exposed to real business implemented examples showcasing the theory by assessing its application and engaging the very leaders that are walking the journey.
Key focus areas
  • The convergence between, digital and traditional business mechanics;
  • Understanding business and customer of tomorrow;
  • Learning through the tacit knowledge of leaders playing in this space and indutsry applied examples.
  • Cyber Security and building a business resislence for safeguarding.
  • Ethical leadership in a time of digital automation and disruption.
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