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Leading for the Future

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​Learn skills to lead in a digital future 

This programme combines two critical elements of being a future-fit leader - personal mastery and technological savviness -  to develop leaders who can effectively navigate the future world of work.

As technology replaces many jobs and roles that were predominately done by human beings, so too must managers adapt their skill-set. Automation and artificial intelligence have opened up new opportunities for managers and leaders, one of these opportunities being that they now have more time to engage in second-level thinking. This is possible as machines are enabling managers to access information from a wide array of sources and breaks it down into multiple yet simpler concepts. Managers therefore, need to spend more of their time making deeper connections between multiple complex relationships and systems. Second-level thinking will require managers and leaders to hone their ability to be more critical in their analyses, make connections between complex and interrelated concepts and well as use data to drive better decisions.

Technology also frees up time for humans to be more humane and the softer-skills of management will become even more critical as these are roles that technology is unable to fill. The programme will enable delegates to understand why, in an increasingly digitised world, human connection and social intelligence become vital tools in a leaders toll-kit. 

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Who should attend?

Leaders and managers who want to get themselves future-fit and leverage technology to improve their personal leadership capabilities.

How you will benefit
By attending this course you will:
  • Understand the new world of work;
  • Manage virtual or matrix-structured teams;
  • Leverage technology and innovation as an individual and a company;
  • Learn to manage complex and changing situations;
  • Understand the importance of personal leadership as a foundation of leading others;
  • Grasp the soft skill of emotional intelligence;
  • Hone the skill of critical thinking;
  • Understand how technology is going to impact your role;
  • Leverage change management to implement new innovations;
  • Learn how to influence others.
Additional information
Topics that will be addressed include: 
  • Discovering and maximising your strengths; 
  • Increasing your emotional quotient and resilience; 
  • Creating a growth mind-set; 
  • Embracing diversity and inclusivity as a leader; 
  • Leading by influence; 
  • Sense-making through systems and critical thinking; 
  • Creatively solving complex problems;
  •  Understanding the technological landscape; and 
  • Thinking strategically.
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