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Leader as Mentor

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​​​​​​​​​Learn effective mentorship skills for agile & sustainable personal and organisational success.

Brought to you by Coaching@GIBS – the business of being human

GIBS Leader as Mentor course recognises that the gifts of knowledge, experiences, stories, and wisdom belong to both the mentor and the mentee. Mentorship is an opportunity for shared learning. This course shifts the concept of mentoring as a traditional teaching relationship to one in which a learning partnership is created between the mentor and mentee.

 It highlights the role of leader as mentor and offers an experiential approach to assisting leaders in becoming highly effective mentors. In addition, it helps organisations develop effective mentoring courses and cultivate a culture of collective learning, whilst simultaneously creating an enabling environment for employees to become fit for the future of work. –

This course is led by GIBS' Professional Associate, Laura Malan. Laura is a highly respected executive coach, facilitator, lecturer, strategic consultant, intervention designer and programme director in the field of leadership and organisational development with over 20 years' experience in over 35 countries over 6 continents. 

Leader as Mentor – a generous way of leading today and in the future.

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Who should attend?

  • Managers who want to learn how to effectively develop their employees & teams as well as their own personal leadership capabilities, and
  • HR and OD practitioners who are interested in building effective mentoring programmes and a culture of shared learning within their organisations.
  • Anyone for whom the following is of interest:
  • Recognising that the softer skills within business are key differentiators within the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Building a learning organisation as central to delivering on organisational strategy and a workforce that is future fit;
  • Tapping into the full potential of organisational talent;
  • Knowing how to effectively share and receive learnings from employees; and
  • Building effective mentoring programmes and cultures within your organisation

How you will benefit

  • This online course is grounded in theory, and yet is extremely practical. You will experience tangible shifts in your learning capacity and fresh thinking. This course offers you the opportunity to express new ideas more freely and the skills to extract complex problem solving and strategic and creative thinking from your teams.
  • Innovative deep thinking and increased self-awareness will enhance your role as leader as mentor. You will also be further equipped to develop a culture of shared learning within your organisation
  • Faculty with deep expertise in optimising learning, will give you the space to practice as well as to reflect on new skills, with live feedback. You will leave this course with an extensive toolbox of mentoring capabilities as well as a new outlook on your role as a thinking partner to your employees.

Additional information

After attending the delegates will:

  • Understand mentoring as a strategic driver for talent development and retention, organisational learning, change management and sustainability;
  • Understand the differences and synergies between mentoring and coaching and when to apply the most relevant approach;
  • Obtain the tools for developing effective mentoring programmes, partnerships and cultures;
  • Learn how to mentor effectively with practical tips, tools and techniques; and
  • Be able to integrate key learnings from the course and embed behaviour shifts back at work.

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