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Integral Coaching Masterclass with Tanya Stevens

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Advancing your coaching practice using an ''Integral Lens.'"

Integral means inclusive, comprehensive, whole. The intent of Integral Theory is to cover as many perspectives as possible when looking at the world.

As the title suggests, this session will advance, expand and enrich the ways in which Ken Wilber’s Integral Philosophy, Theory and AQAL Model can contribute to your coaching practice and process. Ken Wilber’s AQAL Theory is considered by many contemporary philosophers to be the best foundation for an Integral Theory of Human Development. By providing a wide examination of perspectives, it offers a framework that perfectly fits to the coaching process.

Participants can expect to gain a solid grounding and understanding of the Integral AQAL Model as it applies to individuals and groups. By including and transcending the single client method and process, Integral Thinking allows us to work dynamically  with countless configurations of individuals, teams and organisations seeking to develop and transform.

This masterclass explores the Integral approach to coaching in a way that allows coaches to dynamically and flexibly apply the method to their existing coaching frameworks.  Constructed in a way that honors the full integral map this masterclass will provide participants with tools, perspectives, and a developmental path that will allow them to addresses a wide spectrum of situations, challenges and opportunities. It will equip you with a sharpness of understanding, skill and presence to support your clients in whatever their circumstances may be. 

Our aim is to do this in an engaging and experiential way that opens your way of engaging with the world both personally and professionally.

About the facilitator: Tanya Stevens, MMBEC, PCC (ICF), Integral Coach (PCC)

The masterclass will be presented by Tanya Stevens. Tanya is a Professional Associate at GIBS where she works as a coach, lecturer and facilitator. She is an internationally qualified New Ventures West Integral coach and founded her coaching and consultancy business BECLEAR in 2006. Tanya holds a Masters Degree in Management (Business and Executive Coaching) from Wits, cum laude and a Masters Degree in Coaching and Consulting for Change from Oxford's Said Business School (UK) and HEC (France) cum laude.

She has contributed to the publication Rethink: Growth and Learning through Coaching and Organisational Development as author of a chapter entitled Transcending Separation: An exploration of integral theory. Tanya is also a member of The Change Leaders a international community of change agents focused on supporting large scale change initiatives.

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