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Become a highly effective mentor.

We live in times characterised by an unprecedented rate of change. The resulting increased uncertainty and ambiguity demands new perspectives on roles and competencies of leaders. Against this backdrop, how do we as leaders nurture and guide our employees to unleash their full potential and in turn achieve sustainable organisational success? It appears that leaders who are poised to succeed in this environment are more adaptive, flexible, innovative, agile and resilient. As a result, our ability to build learning organisations in which the rate of learning exceeds the rate of change appears critical to enable us to move beyond surviving to thriving.

This programme offers an experiential approach to assisting leaders in becoming highly effective mentors as well as organisations in developing effective mentoring programmes that build a mentoring mindset as a basis for a strong learning orientation. It highlights the role of leader as mentor and shifts the concept of mentoring as a traditional teaching relationship, in which the master teaches the apprentice, to one in which a learning partnership is created between the mentor and mentee. 

Wisdom-building is the focus – spanning the mentor's role as the enabler of discovery and insight generation on the one hand and the gifting of pearls of wisdom on the other. The mentor acts as a learning catalyst as opposed to the dispenser of knowledge and experience.

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Who should attend?

This programme is aimed at all organisational leaders as well as HR and OD practitioners. 

This programme is for anyone who would like to know how to:

  • Build a learning organisation as central to delivering on organisational strategy; 
  • Tap into the full potential of organisational talent; Effectively mentor your employees;
  • and Build effective mentoring programmes in your organisation.​
How you will benefit

After attending this programme, delegates will: 

  • Understand the differences and synergies between mentoring and coaching; 
  • Obtain the tools for developing effective mentoring programmes; 
  • Learn how to mentor effectively (tips, tools and techniques for effective mentoring); 
  • Be equipped to nurture their mentorship role; 
  • and Be able to integrate key learnings from the programme back at work.
Additional information


  • Context Setting – Understanding the need for mentoring within leadership; 
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Understanding differences and synergies; 
  • Being a Mentor – What does it take to setup a true partnership for learning? 
  • The Art of Mentoring – Learning how to mentor effectively; 
  • The Mentor's Toolkit – Providing clear tips, tools and techniques for effective mentoring; Building Mentoring 
  • Programmes – What to consider when building effective mentoring programmes within organisations; Taking 
  • Mentoring Forward – Equipping you to nurture your role as a mentor going forward; and Interim Programme 
  • Application – Practical mentoring application assignment to imbed mentoring skills transfer.​
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