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Harness Experiential Learning to Enhance Decision-Making

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Formulate and implement decision-making tools through experiential learning to enhance strategic dynamic processes and productivity whilst working remotely.

Successful business continuity is enabled by impactful decisions. Although business leaders and knowledge workers are normally well equipped with formulating and executing decisions in the workplace, only a few dedicate time to develop interpersonal skills optimal for decision-making remotely. This programme is an interactive learning experience and will provide you with “real-world environments” by placing participants in a team-based setting where they will run their business and make decision involving leadership, strategy, customer and employee challenges.

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Who should attend?
  • Middle and Senior Managers;
  • Leadership teams; and
  • Functional Heads of Businesses or Managers of Divisions.

Key Focus Areas
    Online business simulation intervention
    that tests your online readiness in
    conducting business both operationally

    and strategically.

  • Design and develop a well aligned Strategy
  • Implementation of your Strategy in complex and uncertain times
  • Understanding the impact and benefit of flexibility and being nimble in uncertain times
      Financial Acumen:
  • Using Financial Acumen to drive operational performance
  • Working with key ratios e.g. (ROE, Leverage, Cost Management)
  • Working with data and reports to optimize your business
  • Best practice in how to work in a high performing team
  • Understanding the impact of working in a Values based organization
  • Tools to hold each other accountable
  • How to give and receive feedback
       Service Mindset
  • How a service mindset drives a company culture
  • The benefit of cross organizational collaboration
  • How building support and inter-dependency across a business drives profits

How you will benefit
          At the end of the programme, you

          will be able to:   

• Gain insight on how to assess decisions and what criteria should be used when evaluating options;
• Experience and learn strategies to keep staff engaged and connected with colleagues;
• Learn how to blend physical tasks and technology to create impact;
• Discover different online capabilities to make not only operational but strategic decisions;
• Work collaboratively as a team without engaging on face to face meetings;
• Test your ‘work from home’ models and policies;
• Gain a true understanding of how modern organisations are communicating and implementing remote strategic and operation decisions, whilst being way from the workplace environment; and
• Test reactions, resilience and decision-making skills of key staff whilst working under pressure.

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Eric Proudfoot has over 30 years of business experience ranging from Executive Management to Organisational Development. He specializes in business leadership, strategy, business acumen and people development. His main focus is running business simulations and has worked with many organisations and learning institutions, namely Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and London Business School.
In addition to a BSc in Quantity Surveying, Eric has worked in Executive Management in both South Africa and the USA, managing a large IT company with both local and international shareholders before ‘retiring’ to teach leadership. In addition, he has held numerous Directorships across various industries.
Eric lives by the motto ‘fun with a serious intent’ and it is with this belief that he combines a professional learning experience with fun. 

He was awarded the ‘Best Part-time Lecturer’ at GIBS in 2018.

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