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Fundamentals of Strategy for Competitive Advantage

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Develop your organisation’s competitive advantage and give confident and valuable input to key strategy processes.

There is a series of fundamental skills required in order to be truly strategic in your approach to competitive advantage and optimal financial performance in business. These include being able to acquire the relevant information, analyse it, and then develop tactics in support of existing or emerging strategy. Whether you’re new to strategy, transitioning from an operational to a strategic role, or wanting to build a solid foundation in key concepts, tools and frameworks, this relevant and case study-driven programme will equip you for a business world that is constantly changing. 
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Who should attend this strategy programme?
This strategy programme is ideal for: 
  • Those new to strategy development or execution, or those requiring a solid foundation in key strategy concepts, tools and frameworks. 

  • Those who are required to contribute to and critique strategy processes. 

  • Managers and functional specialists advocating particular strategic choices.  

  • Managers and functional specialists responsible for strategic planning. 

  • Middle managers who are transitioning into senior management.

  • Business unit heads who are transitioning from operational to strategic roles.

How will you benefit from this strategy programme?

At the end of the programme, you will be able to: 

  • Use multiple fundamental strategy skills to develop and sustain competitive advantage in any organisation – commercial or non-commercial 
  • Develop your own individual adaptability quotient, so as to increase your organisation’s absorptive capacity as a whole 
  • Exploit your new knowledge for improved, sustained organisational performance and competition
  • Realise the opportunities and counter the threats inherent in constant change


Key strategy focus areas:

  • Analysing the context of the organisation in relation to competition
  • Developing the fundamental elements of strategy (objective, scope, and advantage)  
  • Developing the fundamentals behind strategic decision-making for competitive advantage
  • Discerning the role of stakeholders beyond the traditional three: customers, employees and shareholders 
  • Strategic leadership, strategy evaluation and strategy execution 
  • Amazon and Naspers as key case studies

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Dr Thabo Mosala has been involved in strategy as a business leader, consultant and lecturer for over 20 years. His particular focus is using strategy to reinforce value propositions for multiple stakeholders, which he terms a proposition-based view to strategyHaving obtained qualifications and skills in multiple fields, ranging from international relations to financeDr Mosala’s philosophy is that the best strategists are those who remain curious about a wide range of subjects.

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