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Financial Analysis for Investment

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Online Programme

The purpose of this programme is to develop delegates' skills in financial investment analysis based on fundamental financial data.

This programme will substantially raise your game when it comes to understanding fundamental analysis of companies. We dive into the financial data of listed companies to fully understand what it means for a company to create value. We explore the dynamics of value creation and how the financial metrics of a company informs its value creation capability. Ultimately, we are looking for worthy investment candidates. We combine our fundamental analysis with technical analysis to determine investment entries and exits.

In weekly webinars we will apply our learnings and explore different listed companies and evaluate their potential for investment.

There are several audiences that will benefit from this programme. Firstly, those who have some accounting and financial knowledge and want to raise their game by developing a deeper understanding of fundamental financial analysis. Secondly, those like to invest in listed companies and want to raise their game in discovering good quality investment candidates. Thirdly, company financial managers who may have a strong accounting knowledge but would like to build their understanding of the dynamics of valuation to have richer more meaningful "value" conversation back at the office. Lastly,  individuals who have completed a fundamentals course in finance and want to take yourself to the next level.

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Who should attend?
  • Financial managers;
  • Completed a Finance Fundamentals course and want to raise your game;
  • Part time investors looking for skills around finding quality investment candidates; and
  • Junior investment analysts.

How you will benefit:                                 

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Interpret the income statement and balance sheet numbers of a business;
  • Calculate and interpret financial ratios;
  • Calculate and interpret investment ratios;
  • Understand the dynamics of value creation;
  • Understand financial and investment jargon;
  • Clearly identify the levers of company value;
  • Calculate the value of companies;
  • Understand the meaning "cheap" and "expensive" shares; and
  • Develop a list of investment candidate companies.

Key focus areas:                                 
  • Income statements;
  • Balance sheets;
  • Financial ratios;
  • Investment ratios;
  • Personal investing;
  • Pension fund performance;
  • Value creation;
  • Valuation;
  • Stock markets;
  • Share prices; and
  • Financial markets.
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Justin Spencer-Young specialises in VALUE. Researching it, understanding it, measuring it, finding it, creating it and teaching it. Justin has lectured in finance and accounting for 12 years and talking value and value creation is what he enjoys most. He holds a BSc (Building) (Wits) and an MBA (Wits) and calls himself "a builder at heart" after spending several years in the commercial construction industry as a project manager. Justin has published research in the field of Real Option Valuation. Justin lectures at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) on the Programme in Management Development (PMD) and various other company specific finance programmes. Justin has taught accounting and finance to management teams at the following companies: Supersport, Multichoice, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Anglo American, Anglo Platinum, Group 5, Murray & Roberts, Total, BMW, VW, ArcelorMittal, Ellerines, African Bank, Adcorp, Accenture, Kagiso Trust, Imperial and Vodacom. In addition to teaching accounting and finance at various business schools Justin has several private clients where he is involved is specialised business simulation training with a strong financial, strategic and leadership focus.

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