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Facilitation for High Performing Teams

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Perform better as an individual and as a team with razor-sharp and cutting-edge facilitation skills.

Brought to you by Coaching@GIBS – the business of being human

Facilitation enables effective and innovative thinking, individual and team performance and agile leadership, especially in changing environments.

Today, everyone within business, at some point, will need to take the chair. Facilitation skills provide a more efficient and collective way of harvesting wisdom and energy from individuals and teams. Just imagine:

The relief of not having to know it all.

The delight of leading others to access deep wisdom.

The thrill of pioneering solutions that stretch minds and enable growth.

By attending this course you will learn what it means to be a facilitator and how facilitation processes can be used effectively for deeper and more innovative thinking, collaboration, clarity and team buy-in. Today, leadership cannot be individualistic; it is about the interest of the group and navigating your role as facilitator to support the collective while delivering impact.

Facilitation capabilities deliver more cohesive teams and engaged individuals for better organisational results. 

You're in the best hands!

Facilitation for High Performance Teams is led by GIBS' Professional Associate and owner of Change Pace, Riëtte Ackermann, who has a Master's Degree in Personal and Professional Development and is a qualified Business Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Diverse and experienced guest speakers bring the subject to life with practical tools and real-life case studies.

Key focus areas:
  • Define and differentiate facilitation as a practice
  • Understand the role of the facilitator – intrapersonal and interpersonal
  • Explore the competencies and practices of effective group facilitation
  • Discover a variety of facilitation approaches
  • Appreciate the role of group dynamics in facilitation
  • Integrate approaches and tools to develop- own unique personal facilitation style

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More Information

Who should attend?

  • Managers and leaders who have teams or multiple working groups;
  • Consultants, small business owners & team leaders;
  • Professional facilitators (including trainers and speakers) who want to strengthen their facilitation practice.
  • Those who manage task forces, boards, committees, temporary work groups or project teams; and
  • Internal HR/ L&D/ change practitioners

How you will benefit
  • Understand the fundamentals of facilitation - what it is and how it is different from other group processes;

  • Understand and appreciate the role of a facilitator;

  • Develop relevant knowledge, skills and awareness to enhance and cultivate your facilitation capabilities;

  • Build competencies to drive teamwork through impactful facilitation;

  • Understand how facilitation can impact business results and add value to organisational processes and culture; and

  • Develop skills to guide a group to work together optimally, to create synergy and initiate innovation, collaboration and consensus.

Additional information

The Facilitation for High Performing Teams can be customised for clients as an in-house programme for those who want to build facilitation capabilities or develop an internal facilitative culture.

Guest Faculty on the Public Programme include: 

  • Jeremy Timm: Facilitation in complex systems 
  • Stephanie Martinis: The Role of learning
  • Hélène Smit: Depth Facilitation 
  • Petro Jansen van Vuuren: Authentic Improvisation

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