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Designing your Key Account Management Plan

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Increase returns through effective management of key customers.

Key Account Management (KAM) is a hugely important development in business-to-business selling and relationship management. However, it does require re-thinking your approach to sales due to the evolving nature and challenges in today's sales environments and competitive markets.  

This programme demonstrates how the practice of sales is changing in business-to-business markets. In this new world, salespeople have to become more strategic in their approach, more focused on helping customers improve their own performance, and better at building and sustaining strong, trust-based relationships with buying companies. 

Run by Prof Deva Rangarajan, a world leading authority on sales from Vlerick Business School in Belgium, this programme will cover the latest, most effective sales planning tools and techniques you need to more effectively manage these critical relationships and also examines global best practice on how to successfully and profitably penetrate, co-create and extend your business with key customers to maintain profitable growth.

Additional Information:

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Dates: 11 - 19 June 2020

Online sessions: 

  • 3.5 hours per day of interactive live sessions
  • 14 hours
  • Week 1: Thursday and Friday, 10h00 - 13h30
  • Week 2: Thursday and Friday, 10h00 - 13h30

Five challenges facing sales today:

  1. Experienced salespeople can expect to spend 7.5 hours of cold calling to get one qualified appointment;
  2. 69% of sales executives believe that the buyer process is changing faster than organisations are responding;
  3. Salespeople are dealing with increasingly empowered and risk averse customers;
  4. The average sales cycle times are getting longer; and
  5. Salespeople are struggling to move from a product-centric sales approach to a customer-centric solution focus.
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Who should attend?

If you fulfil any of the following three roles, this programme is relevant to you:

  • You are actively employed as an account manager in business-to-business or business-to-consumer environments; 

  • You would like to grow towards the role of key account manager; and

  • You are a sales manager who has to manage key accounts and other key account managers.

How you will benefit:

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the current trends in procurement and sales;

  • Develop winning, customer centric value propositions;

  • Have a clear view on your customer portfolio and business;

  • Identify criteria to select key accounts;

  • Implement co-creation initiatives with your key accounts; and

  • Learn how to influence your internal stakeholders to assist your key accounts.

Key focus areas:

A mixture of case studies, role plays and practical exercises will be used to ensure that you are able to fully understand the content, and apply your learnings back in the workplace.

Focus Areas:

  • The sales management framework;
  • Key account portfolio analysis;
  • Understanding customer journeys; and 
  • Building winning value propositions.
  • Customer co-creation of value; and
  • Building a key account plan. ​
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