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Critical Business Thinking in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Discover new methods and critical thinking required to lead for the future with an immersive leadership, technology and innovation experience.

Information technology (IT) is dramatically transforming the business and public-sector landscape and is having a direct impact on our prospects, our existing/future customers and society as a whole. Introducing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in your organisation requires a very different skill-set with a shift of focus on People, Process and Technology. Designing your organisation to adapt and to embrace the future of business transformation through technology enablement, will accelerate and increase the requirement to be agile and to lead with bravery.


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Who should attend?
  • C-Suite executives, directors and senior managers; 
  • Functional specialists working in strategic and operational lead roles; 
  • and Forward-thinking managers who are future-focused and prepared.
How you will benefit
  • Use and apply critical business thinking to your organisational strategy; 
  • Apply and demonstrate business value through the enablement of technology; 
  • Harness people development and introduce new processes that will enhance business growth through digital dexterity; 
  • and Learn, identify and apply methods to increase human interactions by introducing gamification to achieve objectives in a business environment.
Additional information
  • Leading and managing in the “4th mindset;” 
  • Learning through the tacit knowledge of leaders playing in this space and industry applied examples; 
  • The interaction between, innovation and critical thinking; 
  • Principles of tech trends and solutions architecture; and Ethics and industry challenges.
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