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Project Management: Online Learning

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Driving exceptional performance

All work consists of projects to a greater or lesser extent, and demand for project management expertise in organisations continues to grow. Through your exposure to the latest and most valuable real-world knowledge and tools, you will master key skills to elevate your project management performance and make a dramatic difference in your organisation. 

Interaction with local and international faculty and peers will broaden your perspective through their experience in managing and delivering on current project challenges, complexity and expectations. 

This online course uses a dynamic and integrated 7-week schedule for busy, working professionals.  It is delivered in an interactive and flexible learning environment through a combination of learning channels including online classroom sessions, webinars and self-study modules. 

  • Week 1: Mastering the Foundation of Project Management
  • Week 2: Understanding and Applying Critical Chain Scheduling
  • Week 3: Developing Advanced Project Scheduling and Budgeting
  • Week 4: Managing Projects in Extreme and High Risk Situations
  • Week 5: The Role of Ethics, Procurement & Sourcing in Project Management
  • Week 6: Contemporary Approaches to Project Management
  • Week 7: Incorporating Innovation with Project Management
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Who should attend?
  • This project management course is designed for busy, working professionals with project management experience who want to enhance these skills to deliver greater operational effectiveness. 
  • Those who are:
    • Looking to challenge their current personal and organisation’s performance;
    • Seeking leadership and coaching from world-class faculty and;
    • Wanting to engage and network with like-minded individuals

How you will benefit
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Make better business decisions
    • Draw on critical tools and techniques to work in a dynamic project management environment;
    • Be equipped to drive your organisation’s successful response to a crisis;
    • Confidently manage project challenges and complexities as they arise;
  • Immediately improve your effectiveness in project execution 
    • Holistically understand how to successfully manage and execute projects
    • Build the right teams and processes
    • Ensure timely and cost-effective completion of critical projects
  • Enhance your personal and professional network
    • Develop relationships with peers who span functions and industries and;
    • Obtain exposure to leading local and international faculty.

Key focus areas:
  • Develop project management excellence and be recognised as a world-class project manager. Throughout this course, you and your fellow participants will dive into the methodology of project management and explore its applications to drive business success. Through a dynamic learning experience, you will expand your perspective on project issues, discover ways to design project workflows, and learn how to apply proven tools and processes to successfully lead major projects and be the difference your organisation needs today.
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