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Online Masterclass: Authentic Reputation Management

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Everybody is talking about reputation management but depending on who you are talking to, it means different things.

A 5 hour online masterclass to complete at your own time and pace. On completion delegates receive a certificate of attendance and a digital credential to use on their LinkedIn profile.

What we can all agree on is that there is a strong link between reputation and market performance. 

The global health emergency has shown that leaders with strong reputations built on integrity, consistency, transparency, honesty and reliability, have consistently been supported by their stakeholders.

We will delve into the importance of reputation management and the various aspects of successfully driving it. Why reputation management? Because up to 25% of the value of a business that's about to be sold can be quantified by its reputation, and that of its leaders.

But reputation is complex. In this masterclass, you'll be exposed to the science of reputation management, why it's a no brainer in these trying times, and how you can use a proven methodology to transform your own reputation and your organisation's – rebuilding from the inside out.

We will share with you case studies, success stories, and decades worth of experience in working with the country's top executives.

What you will learn:

  • Defining authentic reputation management, the activities that may be undertaken in the management of reputation, and the issues that are addressed by reputation management.
  • The roles of culture and transparency, and the importance of aligning authentic corporate culture with corporate business practices to reduce the potential for crises to occur.
  • How ethical core values and a strong organisational approach to ethics can help to protect and insulate an organisation's reputation during a crisis.
  • How to take a proactive approach to building and maintaining a positive reputation with customers, employees, investors, and suppliers
  • How thought leaders can tap into their talent, expertise, experience, and passion to consistently investigate and accurately answer the big questions on the minds of their target audience and stakeholders.
  • The tools for building a reputation management strategy.
  • Why effective leadership is fundamental to reputation management and why it is vital to lead with heart, with empathy and with directness.

About the Facilitator:  Janine Hills

Founder of Vuma Reputation Management, Founder & CEO of Janine Hills Authentic Leadership.

In her role as founder and CEO of Janine Hills Authentic Leadership, Janine is sharing the skills and knowledge she has acquired over many years of working with the best of South Africa's executive leadership and boards. She honed her skills under the mentorship of some of the country's great leaders and CEOs, such as Shameel Joosub (Vodacom), Michael Jordaan (eBucks/FNB), Joan Joffe (Hewlett Packard SA founder), Wendy Lucas-Bull (FNB), Paul Harris (FirstRand Group founder) and Ron Stringfellow (Southern Sun), to name but a few.

Janine champions gender and pay parity. She is passionate in her drive to ensure that women's voices are taken seriously in business and in boardrooms. She has provided world-class advisory services to at least 50 JSE-listed companies and has operated in 10 African countries, where she has provided support to multi-national companies, select government departments and SOEs.

Janine is a member of the International Women's Forum South Africa (IWFSA) and UNICEF Women's Giving Circle. In addition, she sits on the global advisory board for the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC) and is the founder of the INBREC Africa chapter. In 2018 Janine was elected as a member of the Brand and Communications Committee of Council (BCCoC) of the University of South Africa (UNISA) and, until recently, served as a board member for Brand South Africa (2016 -2019).

After her departure from FNB, she took a sabbatical and in 2000 she walked the 850km Camino de Santiago in Spain. Janine has visited 56 countries around the world. In 2006 she travelled to Tibet and walked to Base Camp Everest where she got to experience a place and community unlike any other on Earth.

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Who should attend?

Board members, executives, people in communication and anyone wants to know more about the role of reputation in today's business landscape.

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A 5 hour online masterclass to complete at your own time and pace. 

On completion delegates receive a certificate of attendance and a digital credential to use on their LinkedIn profile.

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