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Managing Managers for Results

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​​​​For managers who have transitioned from managing others to managing managers or a functional unit.

Achieving your goals through other managers can be a challenging task that requires special leadership skills and a shift in mindset. 

Taking a step back from day-to-day operational activities, delegating tasks to managers, empowering managers to make decisions and providing clear direction and leadership needed to support managers, are key requirements to become a successful manager of managers. 

This programme builds personal skills to help you in the transition you have made to managing managers or a business unit. It provides the tools, principles, insights and techniques necessary to gain personal awareness and build professional management skills to achieve results through managing managers.  The emphasis is on personal growth into the role managing a manager.

A compulsory follow-up day will build on the insights gained and outline further steps in your management of managers journey.


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Who should attend?
  • Senior managers and executives;
  • Manager of managers (new and experienced); and
  • Manager of function / division / business unit.
How you will benefit:

During this programme various tools are utilised in small group breakaways such as coaching, video sessions and in the plenary of 'real' play, modeling, case study, peer coaching and activities, along with the input and guidance of the expert facilitator.  The learning is process and group driven, as much as it is content driven. This programme will allow you to:

  • Understand and describe best practice at your management level and apply it to your current position;
  • Assess your own performance against this benchmark;
  • Apply some tips and tools applicable to your management level; and
  • Create a personal development plan to use your strengths to meet the demands of excellence in your job.​
Key focus areas:

  • Context: The transition to a manager of managers and leading in turbulent times;
  • Team: Setting a direction for the team and overcoming barriers, dilemmas and dysfunctional signs; and
  • Self: Growing your authentic management and coaching competencies for collaborative and effective management.
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