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Leading Women

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Develop higher levels of self-efficacy as a female leader in a senior management role by finding your authentic voice. 

The real challenges of gender equality can neither be addressed by simply making an economic investment in women's development nor filling stipulated quotas. According to Shireen Chengadu, lead faculty on this programme "Truly inclusive and transformational workplaces will be realised when leaders become personally involved". The times in which we live and work are full of disruption and complexity with leadership at a crossroads.  Women are well poised to use their voices to realise their full potential as leaders in business and in society."

This programme is for women who are ready to undertake a significant process to improve their efficacy as authentic and effective leaders. The focus is on the development of practical tools that delegates can apply in real-time and with the support of a tailored peer group and certified executive coach.

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How you will benefit:
At the end of the programme you will be able to:
  • Apply your personalised leadership skill set with greater impact;
  • Meet your professional goals with greater ease and authenticity;
  • Amplify your professional voice;
  • Utilise a broader professional network; and
  • Demonstrate compelling business cases to implement your workplace imporvement ideas.
Programme Methodology:
Delegates will take part in four session types:
  • Leadership Skills Sessions
  • Small Group Coaching Sessions
  • Leadership Assessment and Feedback
  • Academic Instruction
Who should attend?

This programme is designed for high-functioning women at middle to senior management levels.

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