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Fundamentals of Strategy for Competitive Advantage

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Gain a clear understanding of what strategy is and how to think more strategically.

As lockdown restrictions ease, you now have the choice of attending this programme/course on our GIBS Campus in Illovo OR participating online/virtually. Please indicate your preference on the enrolment form.

This programme is for non-strategists from all disciplines and backgrounds, who want to understand the language of strategy. It will cover the fundamental tools, techniques and metrics of strategic management. The focus is on helping non-strategists to recognise the value of strategy and to embed an ability to constructively participate in strategic processes in an insightful way. The learning approach involves testing key techniques on various live and hypothetical entities and actively critiquing the outcomes.


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Who should attend

This programme has been designed for individuals with a minimum of around five years of working experience and who are new to the concepts of strategy which includes: 

  • Non-strategists wanting to make insightful contributions to strategy;

  • Individuals wanting to critique and provide constructive feedback in strategy processes;

  • Managers and functional specialists advocating particular strategic choices within the organisation;

  • Managers and functional specialists responsibile for the development of strategic plans

  • Business unit heads transitioning from operational to strategic roles; and

  • Individuals needing a solid foundation in key strategy concepts , tools and frameworks. 

How you will benefit

At the end of the programme, you will be able to: 

  • Use selected aspects of the language, processes, techniques, models and frameworks of strategists;
  • Describe how strategy is distinct from, and complementary to vision, mission and values;
  • Understand how strategic techniques fit within the domains of strategic position, strategic choices and strategy in action;
  • Clarify the nature of strategic assets and explain dynamic capability;
  • Describe the concepts of strategic value, alignment and engagement;
  • Evaluate good and bad strategies based on suitability, acceptability and feasibility criteria and the balanced score card;
  • Understand some of the pitfalls of a strategic process and of implementation;
  • Improve personal and organisational market relevance by understanding paradigms and the concept of Environmental Analysis, Strategic Choice, Implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • Understand the components and building blocks of a strategic plan for your organization.
Key focus areas:
  • Strategy in context;
  • Industry and market analysis;
  • Differentiated vs cost leadership strategies;
  • Strategic value and strategic assets;
  • The nature of competitiveness;
  • Developing Strategy in turbulent times;
  • Strategy tools and frameworks;
  • Building a strategic plan for your organisation
  • Challenges in designing and executing strategies; and
  • Case study analysis.
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