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Executive Education Short Courses offered in Durban

Turbo–charge your career with a range of high-impact short courses that will be offered in Durban throughout 2020. Our world–class executive education courses aim to assist individuals and organisations with developing capabilities to lead and be successful in a dynamic and ever–changing environment.

A range of topical courses that will be offered in Durban include:

Finance for Non-financial Managers

Dates: Tuesday, 24 – Friday, 27 March 2020

Fee: R18,900.00

Improve your understanding of financial management and how to use financial statements to improve your decision making.

Oftentimes managers are unaware of the financial consequences of their decisions on themselves and on their organisations. This can have a grave impact on competitiveness, profitability and the management of costs.

This programme is for those who want to improve their understanding on the financial ramifications of their decisions and how they impact on the income statement, balance sheet or cash-flow statement of an organisation.

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​Strategy, Innovation and Design Thinking

Dates: Wednesday, 10 – Thursday, 11 June 2020

Fee: R16,800.00

Learn to use design thinking, strategy and innovation tools to enhance the competitiveness of your organisation.

The strategy and innovation landscape has been significantly impacted by the global and local environment of business, and particularly by change, disruption and digitalisation.

These factors influence an organisation’s ability to remain relevant, competitive and grow.

This programme provides innovation and design thinking tools to allow you and your organisation to effectively scan, understand and respond to the changes ushered in by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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​Leading for the Future

Dates: Tuesday, 6 – Thursday, 8 October 2020

Fee: R17,000.00

Develop yourself as a leader who can effectively navigate the future world of work and digitisation.

As technology replaces many jobs and roles that were predominately done by human beings, so too must managers adapt their skill-set.

Automation and artificial intelligence have opened up new opportunities for managers and leaders, one of these opportunities being that they now have more time to engage in second-level thinking.

This type of thinking will require managers and leaders to hone their ability to be more critical in their analyses and use data to drive better decisions.

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​Women as Leaders

Dates: Tuesday, 18 – Thursday, 20 August 2020

Fee: R15,000.00

Further build your leadership and management competencies to thrive in a world of gender equity challenges.

As a dynamic female leader, gain the tools you will need to further build your leadership and management competencies to thrive in a world of gender equity challenges.

This programme will help you overcome challenges and achieve personal effectiveness by providing you with an opportunity to exchange views, and network with women leaders from diverse sectors of government, business and society.

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